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TapRaise provides software for both in-house teams and agencies that work for multiple NGOs.

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Trusted by leading agencies

Built for sales teams

Running a sales team is challenging

TapRaise started as an in-house tool and expanded into an all-in-one system for fieldmarketing teams.

We have been working very closely with agencies and sales teams to serve their biggest needs. Our software is used by agencies with more than 1000 recruiters, but also by smaller teams. No matter the size of your team, we're here to help!

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Fundraiser at NGO
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Data quality is very important when recruiting new donors, but you're also working with students who often don't work as precise as you'd like them to.

The field application validates data before the donation can be confirmed. This prevents fraud and incorrect data.

You can create a customised campaign for each project or client.

Plan & schedule

Our planning module helps you to make a planning for your team. Whether you work with 5 or 500 people, you will keep the overview.

Every team member can log in to the system to look at their planning and performance.

Salary calculations

Calculating the salaries of your team can be a very time consuming process, therefore we automated it.

Whether you work with an hourly rate, commissions or a combination of both, spending hours on salaries is a thing of the past.

You can create multiple branches and roles while assigning a different bonus structure to each of them.

Guaranteed payment
QR payments

Isn't it weird that new donors agree on donating, but often have to wait weeks before the first collection is done?

QR payments allows you to charge directly, therefore the first payment is guaranteed.

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Data transfer
CRM integration

While working with NGOs, it's very important to correctly export fieldmarketing data to them.

We prevent a lot of hassle by working closely with their data team, so you can focus on hitting your targets.

Clients can receive a weekly delivery file via SFTP or it can be downloaded via our platform. If they prefer to automate this process, they can use our API.