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Backstage is built for both in-house teams and agencies that work for multiple NGOs

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Everything you need in one system

Operating a sales team can be very challenging, Backstage helps you to stay in control. It provides the tools you need to manage your internal operations, and it also has a client portal with detailed insights.

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Backstage makes your operations simpler

From planning to fundraising and from salary calculations to insights, Backstage is here to help you.

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Data quality is very important when recruiting new donors.
The application validates data before the donation can be confirmed. This prevents fraud and incorrect data.

Salary calculations

Easily calculate salaries. Whether you work with an hourly rate, commissions or a combination of both, spending hours on salaries is a thing of the past.

Real-time insights

Dive into the data to increase your team's performance. Analyse reports about donor quality, cancellations, earnings and recruiter performance.