As a fundraiser, you are investing a lot of resources in fieldmarketing. It's essential to stay on top of the real-time data to maximize the return of investment.

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TapRaise has been created to increase the transparency between NGOs and fieldmarketing teams. Now, we're building software that will increase your fieldmarketing performance.

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John Doe,
Fundraiser at NGO

Donor overview

TapRaise offers an overview of donors before they appear in your CRM.

This includes information about the donors themselves, pledges, calls and transactions.

Use search functionality to quickly find the donor you are looking for.

Insight Plus

Dashboards & data

Your dashboard is filled with real-time data from your fieldmarketing team.

You can find detailed information about your customers, such as the age and gender distribution, or you can see data about new donations such as the net recurring pledges and the dropout percentage.

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Call recordings

All verification calls made by your callcenter are recorded and saved in TapRaise.

Improve your salespitch by listening to customer feedback in the call recordings.

Filter by the retention rating or the call result to find the most insightful recordings.

Guaranteed payment

QR payments

Isn't it weird that new donors agree on donating, but often have to wait weeks before the first collection is done?

QR payments allows you to charge directly, therefore the first payment is guaranteed.

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Data transfer

CRM integration

Your CRM system is very important for the relationship with your donor, therefore we work closely with your data team to make sure all required data is transferred to your CRM.

Weekly delivery files can be delivered via SFTP or via our platform. If you prefer to automate this process, you can use our API.