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QR Payments

Guarantee your first payment by removing the time between the registration and the first donation.

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QR Payments

New donor? 
New donation!

Isn't it weird that new donors agree on donating, but often have to wait weeks before the first collection is done? QR payments allows you to charge directly, therefore the first payment is guaranteed.

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John Doe,
Fundraiser at NGO

Higher quality donors as a result of QR Payments

Higher donor quality

The first donation will be paid during the conversation with the recruiter, this means that the threshold to become a donor is higher and therefore it results in higher quality donors.

No incorrect bank account numbers

Bank account fraud gets eliminated with QR payments, because you can only verify your bank account if you have access to it on your phone.

Higher retention

The dropout percentage after the 3rd payment has decreased significantly, therefore resulting in more new funds during the same amount of time.