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Insight Plus

Insight Plus offers the tools you need to maximise the return of investment of your fieldmarketing campaigns

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Insight Plus

Higher performance,
More impact

The quality of new donors is essential for success. As a fundraiser, you need to stay on top of the data. Insight Plus makes this as easy as possible for you.

"TapRaise has a remarkable customer portal that simplifies the monitoring of our acquisition data and provides a very user-friendly experience."
Director of new donor acquisition at IFAW

Detailed fundraising data leads to valuable insights

Whether you prefer a quick overview or a detailed breakdown of a new donor, Insight Plus is here to help.

Overview of pledges

An overview of your pledges before they appear in your CRM. This includes information about the donors, pledges, calls and transactions.

Call recordings

Listen to the recordings of your callcenter. Filter on metrics, such as a retention score, to find the most important answers for better performance.

Data quality

The acquisition cost of a donor is high, therefore the data quality must be perfect. Recruiters use a field app that validates data before the donation can be confirmed.