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We increase the effectiveness of non-profit organizations with digital technology and services.

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About us

Non-profits depend on donations to fund their activities and advance their social goal. Thankfully, more people are acknowledging the importance of non-profits to society.

TapRaise provides digital services to these organizations that support their fundraising and fund-management operations. We believe that digital technology plays an essential role in becoming a better world.

Founded in June 2020, we are a brand new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. Many organizations and representatives already use our apps every day.

We are currently ramping-up our development team, where software engineering and an extended network of non-profit organizations meet.

Focus areas

We focus on the fundraising journey from field marketing up to the management of existing funds.

Field marketing

Front-line apps to raise awareness and generate new funding.

Fund management

Maintenance and management of existing funds made seamless.

We are hiring

Do you want to use your knowledge to make an impact? We are currently building a brand new team of software developers. Please reach out to learn more about our positions.

Work together.

Together we can make an impact. Curious about how our services can benefit your organization? Or do you want to become part of our journey? We are always open for a chat.

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